UPDATE: We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from everyone at the fundraiser and others who have donated afterward. The amount raised was over $90,000 which was well over our goal.

The Bethany Church in Ukraine is working on the remodeling project and we will do our best to provide updates about the project here. We are also considering a new project to provide long-term housing for refugees with modular homes that refugees could purchase through payment plans.

The story

In 2022, Vadym & Olenka Havca and their 2 young children, along with Olenka's parents and grandmother escaped the war in Ukraine and came to live in Holmes County, OH. They quickly become part of River of Life Felowship Church where they are active members and a tremendous blessing to the church.

Back in Ukraine, Vadym’s church became a refuge for families whose homes have been destroyed in the war. Attached to the church building is an apartment building which was not being used but was quickly turned into living space for the the refugees. The building filled up with families who had fled their homes and had nowhere else to go.

The need

This apartment building is badly in need of renovation. All the rooms need remodeling, the stairways rebuilt, and a kitchen added. The expected cost for this is around $40,000.

The church has also been providing groceries every week to other refugees who have come to the city along with providing for the families living in the churche's aparment building. There is also ongoing living expenses for these families living in the building. Due to this and the current situation in Ukraine, the church has not had the funds need to renovate the building as needed.

The goal

Back in Ohio, Vadym & Olenka had the idea to serve a Ukranian meal to a few hundred people to raise money for this need. Vadym presented the idea to some extended family and the congregation at River of Life. The idea took off and the vision for the fundraiser quickly became much more ambitious. The planning committee decided to set a goal is to serve 1,500 people and to raise $50,000 at the fundraiser. The event will include an authentic Ukrainian meal, a presentation of the work in Ukraine by Vadym, and a cake auction.

The Fundraiser Dinner

You won't want to miss this! The team is going all out to create a wonderful event with amazing, authentic Ukrainian food, including Charcoal Grilled Shashlick Skewers, Village Potatoes, Ukrainian Salads, Fresh Bread, Tiramasu, Watermelon and more!
Full dinner menu

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our goal is to have all the expenses of the fundraiser covered before the event by businesses and churches so everything raised at the event can go to the need in Ukraine. Here is the list of expected expenses for the fundraiser event.

  • Pork Tenderloin Skewers (Shashlicks) – $1,750
  • Baby Potatoes – $750
  • Breads & Cream Cheese Spread – $550
  • Sauces & Toppings – $500
  • Fresh Salads – $1,350
  • Drinks (water, coke, Ukrainian punch, & coffee) – $750
  • Watermelon & Dessert Ingredients – $1,500
  • Ingredients for Bake Sale & Auction Cakes – $1,200
  • Facility Rental & Paperware – $1,800
  • Advertising & Printing – $1,000


How You can help

If you would like to give to help with this need you can give online or by check. For donations over $500 we will mention your business, church, or name at the fundraiser, on the website, and on flyers and screens at the event. Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous. Tax receipts available on request.
Ukraine Relief Fund
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Spread the word

We would love your help to spread the word! You can share the event on social media (see link below) and put up event posts at your business or church. Help us reach our goal of 1,500 people at the event!
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Have Questions?

If you would like to get involved or have questions about the work in Ukraine or how you can help, contact with the form.

Phone: (231) 675-3144