Pray, Watch, Thanks

January 14, 2024
Jim reminds us to be continually in Prayer, always alert to the tactics of the Devil, and to always be thankful.

John The Baptist

December 3, 2023
Jim speaks about the ministry of John The Baptist. How he prepared the way for Jesus, and how we can learn from his example.


June 18, 2023
Jim delivers a message to the Fathers on Father's Day, taking examples from accounts of Fathers in the Bible.

Abounding in Hope

December 18, 2022
Jim encourages us with a message about the hope we can have in Christ, following the advent theme for this week.

Draw Near To God

October 9, 2022
Jim gives us a guide map to examining our spiritual lives and ensuring that we are in tune with His will.

Taking Out The Garbage

July 17, 2022
Jim exhorts the congregation to look into our lives and get rid of anything that God doesn't want there. He also speaks about the scriptural view of baptism.

Prayer in Action

June 12, 2022
Jim shares a powerful message exhorting us to live passionately and to bask in prayer before moving forward with life's decisions.